African American Hairstyles

African American Hairstyles
Explore African American Hairstyles with a variety of slideshows including hairstyles for short black hair, African American braided hairstyles, updos and much more.

African American Braided Hairstyles l

African American Braided Hairstyles

The African American braids slideshow features hairstyles with cornrow braids, box braids, and a variety of other braid styles to complement black hair. Also featured are hairstyles that incorporate braids. Find your new look and bring the photo to your favorite stylist.

Long Black Hairstyles l

Long Black Hairstyles

Is your long hair dull and lifeless? Check out these African American hairstyles for long hair. The slideshow features a variety of styles, both natural and styles. Pick your favorite and bring to your stylist for a whole new you!

natural black hairstyles

Natural Curly Hairstyles

If you are lucky enough to have full-bodied curly hair and are ready to go natural, this is the slideshow for you. The women featured have gone natural and found different ways to style it that embody their distinct personalities and tastes. We tried to be versatile featuring long, short, and in-between….find one that’s just right for you!

Short Hairstyles for Black Women l

Short Black Hairstyles

Naturally curly hair is ideal for short haircuts. Women with fine hair have a difficult time with short haircuts as they can tend to look lack-luster. Natural curl gives body and depth to short hairstyles. If you are ready to cut it all off, this slideshow is for you.

Updos for Black Hair-Stunning Star Styles l

Updos for Black Hair-Stunning Star Styles

This slideshow features both natural updos as well as straightened updos on your favorite celebrities including Gladys Knight, Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, and more.

Shanola Hampton Braided Hairstyles

Shanola Hampton Braided Hairstyles

When it comes to braided hairstyles, Shanola Hampton of Showtime’s Shameless, reigns supreme. Few display Shanola’s imagination. If you are looking for a unique braided hairstyle, Shanola is the one to watch.

Caring for Naturally Curly Hair

View the Natural Black Hair Slideshow < Previous Next > Naturally curly hair can range in texture and curliness. Some African American women can have wavy to tightly coiled hair. Regardless of the texture or curliness level of your hair there are a few tips that can help your […]

How to Make a Round Braid

Learning how to make a round braid, also known as a four-strand braid, is not as difficult as you may think. A round braid can be created with four strands, eight strands or more. The round braid gives the hair a sleek and sophisticated look that can be worn at home, school, or work. For this […]

How to Braid Four Strands

Braiding with four strands is really not that hard. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you will find that it is just as easy as traditional three strand braids. If this is your first attempt, it’s easier to start on yarn or ribbon of four different colors to give you a clear visual of how […]

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