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The bob haircut became all the rage during World War I, revolutionizing the way women wore their hair. From classic stars like Clara Bow and Elizabeth Taylor to modern A-listers such as Michelle Williams and Rihanna, the bold look remains an everlasting trend. The sexy, cropped hairdo is timeless and from traditionally short to shoulder-length tousles, there is a bob hairstyle to flatter every face shape.

Traditional bob: The classic bob features a simple haircut of one length all around the head, usually chin-length with very full, blunt bangs. The cut is typically styled straight and parted either down the middle or to the side. Silent movie star Louise Brooks is noted for propagating this style with her intensely angled bob in the 1920s.

Asymmetrical bob: A bob that can be either stacked in the back or non-layered. The defining factor that sets this style apart from the rest is that one side of the front is longer than the other. Singer and actress Rihanna turned heads with her sleek cut, which she modeled after Charlize Theron’s style in Aeon Flux.

A-line bob: This typical bob features slightly longer hair angled in the front and shortened in the back. It frames the face and curls underneath the chin. Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are two of many celebrities who have donned this popular style.

Graduated bob: This style is very similar to the A-line bob, but with stacked layers in the back. The amount of stacking can vary, but the layers follow the angle of the haircut and get longer towards the front. The front is slightly shorter under the chin than with the A-line. Christina Aguilera and Jenny McCarthy have both sported stacked locks.

Inverted bob: This haircut is just the same as the graduated bob and is just another term for this style.

Layered bob: From short to long, the layered bob is a great way to add gorgeous volume without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. Not only can you run your fingers through it and go, but it is versatile, allowing for you to play with a number of fun and sexy hairstyles.

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