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Naturally curly hair can range in texture and curliness. Some African American women can have wavy to tightly coiled hair. Regardless of the texture or curliness level of your hair there are a few tips that can help your hair be soft, shiny and manageable.

While shampooing in the shower, comb you fingers through your curls. This can help rid your hair of additional tangles and matting that can occur with all levels of curly hair.

Be sure to keep your hair well moisturized to help keep curls defined. Conditioning and deep conditioning your hair can help with ensuring bouncy waves or curls. Deep conditioning is leaving in your conditioner for up to thirty minutes before rinsing.

When using any hair care products be sure to work with your hair while wet. Once shampooed and conditioned squeeze excess water out of your hair. Draping a towel around your shoulders may help with catching additional water. Towel drying wavy or curly hair is not recommended.

Use a paddle brush, comb or your fingers to manage your curls. It is okay if curls clump together a bit. Naturally, curls tend to grab onto other curls. That helps with defining curls and waves.

Using clips, divide your hair into sections to add any hair products you choose. By dividing your hair into defined sections, it ensures that the hair underneath will be bouncy and curly, too.

Scrunching is not ideal for curly hair. If you scrunch curly hair, it can become very frizzy.
Spend the extra money on higher quality hair products. Sometimes, using a cheaper product can damage your hair.

Once you have applied a gel or other hair product, do not attempt to brush or comb your hair. This will leave your hair very frizzy and undue the beautiful curls you just defined.

Do not use a hair dryer. Air drying is gentle and not damaging to your hair.

For bouncy curls and soft waves, oil based products are not recommended. Oil based products can also add frizz to curly hair.

Remember that while wavy and curly hair can seem at times, like a lot of work to manage, the results yield natural beauty. Embrace your lovely, bouncy curls.

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