Eye Makeup Brushes

If you want to achieve a professional result, professional makeup brushes are the key.  The number of brushes you need as well as the size will depend on the look you are trying to achieve as well as the size of your eye.  The key to perfect application is to find the right size brush for the job.

Here is a look at a few of the more important brushes that you will need for your eye makeup look.  We have chosen to showcase MAC cosmetics brand professional brushes for their overall quality.  They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

The Shader Brush




The shader brush is an all-purpose eye shadow applicator.  It is primarly used to apply the eye shadow color to the lid, but is also useful in adding highlights to the brow bone.  Works well in areas requiring a lot of coverage.

Shown: M.A.C Large Shader Brush 252

Small Shader Brush


The small eye shader brush is perfect for adding a second color to the crease or corners of the eye.   The smaller size gives more control over where the eyeshadow is placed.

Shown: M.A.C Eye Shader Brush 239


Angle Brush


The angle brush is useful when you want to create sharp, defined lines. It can be used to create a thick eyeliner effect when used with any color eye shadow and wet bristles.

Shown: M.A.C Cosmetics 266 Small Angle Brush


Blending Brush




The blending brush is used to remove harsh lines that occur between different shades.  The blending brush will help to smooth out lines to create a cohesive, professional look.

Shown: M.A.C Blending Brush 217


Precision Eyeliner Brush



Perfect for the ‘cat eye’, the precision eyeliner brush is used to create sharp, defined lines.  This tool is also useful to fill in the brows as it creates thin strokes mimicking hairs.

Shown: M.A.C 210 Precision Eyeliner Brush


Lash Brush



The lash brush is used for application of mascara and lash products as well as separating the lashes.  It can also be used to comb the brows.

Shown: M.A.C 204 Lash Brush

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