Hairstyle Advice: Tips for Gorgeous and Memorable Prom Hair

Half Up Half Down Styles for Prom


You’ve spent months searching for the best dress, matching shoes, and beautiful accessories. Now it’s time to complete that look with gorgeous and memorable hair. These tips will help you select the best hairstyle for your special day.

1. Choose something that you feel comfortable in. If you dislike having your hair in face, avoid styles like side swept bangs or loose hanging strands that frame your face. The last thing that you want is to be annoyed all night by having to continuously remove strands from your face.

2. Stay Classy and Classic. Remember that a timeless bun or upsweep will look good even ten years from now.

3. Choose a style that compliments your outfit. You want to select a hairstyle that adds to your complete look, not something that is competing for attention. When selecting a hairstyle keep your dress in mind. For example, if you are wearing a strapless dress, you may want to call attention to this and wear your hair up.

4. Choose a style that compliments your face. For example, a long bob can elongate a round face.

5. Do a test run. Before your big day, do a test run. This will avoid any surprises, will help you see how long your style will stay in place, and whether it’s something that you can deal with all night.

6. Plan Early. If you are styling your own hair, do a test run early on, so that you can insure that you have all necessary equipment and accessories. If you are booking an appointment with a stylist, make your appointment early. During prom season, salon appointments book fast, especially for high-in-demand stylists. Keep in mind that prom season is also wedding season.

7. Be prepared for Salon Appointment. Go to your appointment knowing exactly how you want your hair done. Make sure to bring pictures of your hairstyle and to bring any accessories that you want to wear.

With these tips you are sure to have gorgeous and memorable hair for your prom.

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