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Halloween Costume Party Makeup Ideas for Women

This slideshow features unique Halloween costume party makeup ideas for women that require a bit of makeup technique.  If you find these ideas are too difficult check out Easy Halloween costume party ideas for women. If you’re up for the challenge, check out Unique Halloween costume party makeup ideas for women


If you are looking for Halloween makeup ideas or are attending a costume party, you can find some great ideas here. This slideshow features Halloween costume party makeup ideas for women that require makeup techniques that are moderately difficult.

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 The Snake Charmer

This Halloween costume party makeup look is steeped in bronze, brown, and gold. The forehead is the highlight for this character so the hair should be held back with an adornment such as an ornate crown.  Scales are then blotted on in brown dots.  The brown shades of eye shadow are extended far above the brow line into the “scaly” region of the forehead.  Random strands of hair can be wrapped around slithering pipe cleaners.

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