Hairstyle Advice: How to Dye Hair with Black Tea


Do you enjoy dying your hair but dread the trips to the salon? Does it take hours to achieve the perfect look at a price that makes you cringe? How about considering a more natural, inexpensive way to color your hair? Black tea makes a wonderful dye for your hair that will not damage the hair shaft. You can successfully and naturally color your hair with black tea at home with a few simple ingredients!

The process is very simple. It’s much simpler to apply if you begin with a couple of clean squeeze bottles or empty dye applicator bottles that are available in most drug stores. The prepared black tea rinse is not as thick as most commercial dyes so it’s better to have control.

1. Begin by preparing a pot of black tea. The ratio of water to tea should be about one cup of water to 3-5 teabags. The tea will be much stronger than usual, in a concentrated form.

2. If you’re attempting to also cover gray hairs, prepare the concentrated tea mixture with equal parts of sage – sage will act as a restorative agent to the hair shift, enabling the hair shaft to open up and more accept the color from the black tea rinse. And, the natural staining properties in tea as well as the luxurious color properties in the anti-oxidants make it a perfect natural alternative for adding glorious, rich color and shine to your hair.

3. Allow the tea and water to come to boil and continue to simmer until the water has evaporated down to approximately five ounces of concentrate.

4. Strain the liquid mixture and carefully place the concentrate into one of the bottles once it has cooled completely.

5. With towels placed strategically, begin to apply the black tea rinse as you would commercial dye. Evenly distribute the rinse all over the head.

6. Cover with a plastic bag or haircap for best effects. Allow the rinse to soak into your hair for at least one hour and then rinse your hair thoroughly with cool water.

7. Remember not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours so the tea can naturally stain the hair.

A black tea rinse is an inexpensive, natural alternative to commercially dying black or brown hair. If you want a darker hue, you can always rinse it again without damaging the hair. Try a black tea rinse today for a unique, gorgeous new hue of color! It will usually last for about one week before you may notice that it’s time to rinse again.

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