Hairstyle Advice: How to Make a Round Braid


Learning how to make a round braid, also known as a four-strand braid, is not as difficult as you may think. A round braid can be created with four strands, eight strands or more. The round braid gives the hair a sleek and sophisticated look that can be worn at home, school, or work. For this hairstyle, you will need elastic bands, hair clips, comb, and long enough hair to create the braid.

Prep the Hair

Begin by washing, drying and combing through your hair. Remove any knots or tangles in order to easily weave your hair. Allow your hair to completely air dry or use a blow dryer to speed up the process. Divide your hair into four sections to create a basic round braid. Clip back each section using elastic bands or hair clips. This will help you keep your hair organized and out of the way while you’re working on each section.

Begin Weaving

Once the hair is cleaned and clipped back, it’s time to begin weaving to create the round braid. Begin by taking a section of hair on the right side and weave towards the center over the last section. This weaving process is known as ‘under two, reverse direction, over one’. You may want to practice this weaving technique until you have it down.

Once you’ve got this action memorized, you will need to repeat it to create the round braid. You will need to alternate between each side to form the braid. Begin with the outer left hand strand next and cross over to repeat. Keep alternating between each side until all the hair is in the braid.

Round Braid Tips

When weaving the hair, be sure to pull the braid tightly together so that the braid stays secure and pieces do not fall or come undone. Once you’ve reached the bottom of your hair, secure the end with an elastic band or hair clip. To keep your hair looking great all day, use a few squirts of hairspray. You have the option of adding a flower, rhinestone clips, or other accessory to the sides of the braid for a fancier occasion.

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