Hairstyle Advice: Tips for Primping for Prom


Prom is an exciting time of year and a prime time to look your best. Read on for some great tips and suggestions about how to feel inspired and to bring forth your prettiest appearance.

1. Allow Your Dress To Rule Your Look

Decide on your dream dress first, and then start experimenting with hair and makeup looks. Dresses come in such a wide variety, and it is best to go with a cohesive beauty statement.

2. Make Sure To Mesh Your Hair And Makeup Look

After choosing your dress, move on to hair and makeup. Keep your theme rolling. If you are wearing a whimsical dress and arranging your hair in a romantic style, keep your makeup tones light and dreamy as well.

3. Experiment With Your Makeup Ahead Of Time

Whether you decide to have your makeup applied in a salon, by a friend, or on your own, be sure to try it out before the big event. There will be plenty going on when it is the actual prom date, so know ahead of time what you want to look like. If you are not sure, try searching through various celebrity photos or magazine pages and mark looks that you think would look good on you.

4. Create A Base Look Of Smooth And Glowing Skin

Drink plenty of water to keep skin looking hydrated, and be sure to choose a foundation or primer shade that perfectly matches your skin tone and neck. Set foundation, primer, or concealer with a powder.

5. Curl Your Lashes

Curled lashes give the eye an open and alluring look. Adding this simple step to your prom night look will make a big difference. If you are going for a focus on the eyes, apply some false eyelashes as well.

6. Wear Waterproof

Prom is a highlight of the year and all of the dancing and myriad of emotions can lead to sweat, tears, or both! Even if you don’t expect your makeup to run, wear waterproof eye makeup anyway. Especially when you look back at photos, you will be glad that you did!

7. Pack Your Purse Wisely

While you will be doing your makeup at home, you may want to do touch ups as the night goes on. To continue looking your best, tuck some perfume, lip gloss, and oil blotting papers in your purse. Add some breath mints or sugar free gum to feel confident about having sweet breath as well.

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