Hairstyle Advice: Types of Braids


Experimenting with many types of braids, commonly called plaits, can create a variety of looks ranging from playful to elegant. If you have never attempted a braid before, practicing with three pieces of ribbon or string, makes the job much easier. Braid weaving simply involves interweaving three sections of hair then fastening with a ribbon or elastic band to hold the weave. Once you are proficient at the motions, you can enjoy making all types of braids. Braids make hair easier to manage and require only a small amount of time. Here are several popular braid types.

Classic English Braid

For many people, this braid is the easiest and the fastest to make. Start by separating all of the hair into three parts and comb through each one until the strands are smooth. Next, put the right part across the center. Gently pull all parts snug, but avoid yanking. Then, put the left part across the center. Hold the braid parts firmly to tighten them again. Repeat this pattern until you are at the end of the hair. Bind with a rubble elastic, hair clip, or ribbon.

Elegant French Braid Style

A French braid is similar to the English braid, except that it starts on top at your hairline. There are different types of French braids such as twists, fishtail, side braids, French braid crowns, and Dutch braids. If your hair is medium or long in length and you can gather it into a ponytail, you can make a French braid. Start at the top, near your forehead and divide your hair into 3 parts. Take the right part of hair and move it across the center. Then, continue by taking the left part of hair over the center hair. Continue this weaving pattern, working with small areas at a time. When you reach the end, tie the hair with any clip, elastic band, or ribbon.

Dutch or Under Braid Style

A Dutch braid is also known as a under braid. The name comes from the way it is created. This is done by moving the parts of the hair underneath the center, verses over the center. Its weaving pattern is just like the French, but with right under center and left under center actions. If your hands stay near the head, you can make a more secure braid. Placing them further away will create a more relaxed, casual braid.

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