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Hairstyle File: Tyra Banks’ 17 Hottest Looks

Over the years, Tyra Banks hairstyles have been sexy, sophisticated, and even eccentric at times.  She has tried a variety of hairstyles and hair colors and always manages to look great regardless of the cut or color.  Tyra’s hairstyle trends are some of the most fun to follow. Is it a wig, a weave, or all natural?  Who cares!  She’s fabulous!  Take a stroll through Tyra’s hair evolution through the years.

Date of Birth: December 4, 1973

Celebrity Status: Tyra Banks became well known as an American Model but has since gained notoriety in her many television projects including The Tyra Banks Show and America’s Next Top Model.

(Pictured: 09/21/2013-Tyra Banks at 4th Annual WIE Symposium New York – Day 2 – Center 548 – New York City, NY, USA)

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2004-01-17

Tyra Banks-Hairstyle Evolution

Tyra Banks-Remember When-then

Tyra Banks-Hair Color

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2006-03-21

Tyra Banks-Long Curly Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2007-02-08

Tyra Banks-Long Straight

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2008-02-04

Tyra Banks-Long with Bangs

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2008-03-28

Tyra Banks-Long Curly

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2008-06-20

Tyra Banks-Hair Color Changes

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2008-11-10

Tyra Banks-Long Beachy

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2009-08-30

Tyra Banks-Medium Straight

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2012-04-24

Tyra Banks-Long Curly Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2013-02-09

Tyra Banks-Stars with Wigs

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2013-07-29

Tyra Banks-Long Curly Hairstyles

Tyra Banks Hairstyles 2015-04

Tyra Banks-Celebrity Hairstyle News

Tyra Banks-Head Turning Short Haircuts l www.sophisticatedallure.com

Tyra Banks-Head Turning Short

Tyra Banks-Hottest Bobs with Bangs l www.sophisticatedallure.com

Tyra Banks-Bobs with Bangs

Tyra Banks-Daring Celebrities with Dramatic Haircuts-long

Tyra Banks-Medium Straight

Tyra Banks-Daring Celebrities with Dramatic Haircuts-short

Tyra Banks-Dramatic Hair Cuts

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