Unflattering Celeb Shots Caught on Camera

Celebs Caught in Unflattering Moments

Photographers snap, snap, snap to get every every angle when a celebrity steps in front of the camera.  Unfortunately, the tiniest mis-movement can end up in a photo for eternity.  Nose scratching and cleavage peeking can be humorous when the celeb is unaware.  It’s even funnier when the celeb is standing in front of press wall where they KNOW they every movement is being captured for posterity that we find humorous shots.

We continuously scan thousands of publicity photos to bring you the best of the celeb hairstyles and fashion trends and every once in a while run into odd photos that we felt are worth sharing for a good laugh.  Here are those photos.


(Cara Delevingne – “Pan” World Premiere – Arrivals – Odeon Leicester Square – London, UK)

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