Andy Garcia Hairstyles ***** 11 Great Looks!

Andy Garcia Hairstyles Feature Collage

Looking for Andy Garcia Hairstyles? Check here first! Find Andy Garcia’s latest hairstyle photos as well as red carpet fashion moments and a few great “blasts from the past”. Photos are arranged in descending chronological order beginning with latest on file.

When you think of Andy Garcia’s hairstyles, your mind probably rushes back to his Godfather days where he wore his hair short and slicked back, perfect for the suave bad boy role he played.  In fact, Garcia has worn his hair in this manner for many years and we have to say, we like it even better with his graying sides.

Since his hairstyle has not changed dramatically over the years, we dug deep to find moments when he chose a different look and came up with some great “blasts from the past”.  The mustache/soul patch look is especially humorous.  Take a look at Andy Garcia’s hairstyles and beard styles below.

Side Part Hairstyles

Andy Garcia - Side Part Salt and Pepper Hairstyle - 20181210

Andy Garcia with a side part haircut.

The side part also called the classic combover is a haircut that is short on the sides with a longer top layer that is brushed to one side to form a side part.

Andy Garcia - Side Part Haircut - Full Beard - 20190506

Hairstyle Length: Short

Hair Color: Salt & Pepper

Hairstyle Features: Short sides, longer top

Andy Garcia - Mustache with Soul Patch - 20100710

Slicked Back Hairstyles

Andy Garcia - Slicked Back Hairstyle - 20180716

Andy Garcia with a slicked-back hairstyle.

The slicked-back hairstyle can be any length. It features hair that is slicked-back with an appropriate hair product such as pomade and in formal applications, the two sides meet in the back to form a vertical line in the center.

Andy Garcia - Slicked Back Hairstyle - Full Beard - 20180506

Hairstyle Length: Short

Hair Color: Salt & Pepper

Hairstyle Features: Short sides, longer top, slicked-back

Andy Garcia - Slicked Back Hairstyle Sunglasses - 20160709
Andy Garcia - Salt & Pepper Short Hairstyle - 20170608

Slicked Back Widow’s Peak

Andy Garcia - Short Widow's Peak Hairstyle - 20170304

Andy Garcia with a slicked-back hairstyle.

A widow’s peak is when the front of the hairline converges in a v-shape in the center of the forehead. With this particular slicked-back look and angle of the photo, Andy Garcia has a visible widow’s peak.

Andy Garcia - Goatee - 20130622

Medium Length Curtain Hairstyle

Andy Garcia - Medium Length Curtain Hairstyle - 20040223

Andy Garcia with a medium-length curtain haircut.

Here’s a rare sighting! Andy Garcia with longer hair. In this case, the style is called a curtain haircut because the hair on the top is longer and then parted to each side like a set of curtains.

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