Ariana Grande’s Hairstylist Shares Secret to Iconic Ponytail

Ariana Grande's Iconic Ponytail with Bangs - [Hairstylist: Aaron Light] - 20160828
Ariana Grande’s Iconic Ponytail with Bangs
[Hairstylist: Aaron Light]

Ariana Grande – High Ponytail/Straight Across Bangs

Celebrity Hairstylist: Aaron Light

Event: MTV Video Music Awards

GRAMMY award-winning singer Ariana Grande attended the MTV Video Music Awards with her iconic ponytail and bangs styled by celebrity hairstylist Aaron Light who shared how he created the look.

Apply a small amount of Matrix Style Link Blow Out Big Queen to damp hair.

Blow dry bangs with a 1-inch round brush and then place them in a 1-inch roller.

Blow dry the rest of the hair, so it is silky and smooth.

Brush hair into a high ponytail on the top of the head and secure with a hook-bungee. This will create a tight ponytail with no slippage. For thick hair, use two bungees.

Spread a dime-size amount of Matrix Style Link Shape Switcher onto fingertips and brush hands backward from the hairline to the ponytail to smooth any bumps and secure flyaways. Repeat with a barbering brush for extra smoothness.

Wrap a small piece of hair around the bungee and secure with a bobby pin.

Spray ponytail with Matrix Style Link Mineral Rough Me Up Salt Infused Spray for texture.

Remove the roller from the bangs and smooth as desired.

Crimp a few random pieces from the ponytail from top to bottom using a crimping iron.

Dust fingertips with Matrix Style Link Mineral Booster Texture Booster and lightly run through sections before crimping for extra texture and volume.

[Pictured: Ariana Grande’s Iconic Ponytail with Bangs – [Hairstylist: Aaron Light] – MTV Video Music Awards – Madison Square Garden – New York, NY]

Tools & Products Used to Create This Style

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Tool & Products Hairstylist Uses/Recommends

Hairstyle Stats

Ariana Grande's Iconic Ponytail with Bangs - [Hairstylist: Aaron Light] - 20160828
Ariana Grande’s Iconic Ponytail with Bangs
[Hairstylist: Aaron Light]

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hair Color: Brunette/Blonde

Highlights: Yes

Bangs/Fringe: Straight across bangs

Extensions: Yes

Hairstyle Category: Casual

Social Media Feedback

Positive Feedback: Ariana Grande’s fans gave her hairstylist plenty of compliments for this look on social media. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “She looks amazing @lightaaron”
  • “😍😍”
  • “Omg we LOVE! What Matrix products did you use?! 💥💗💥”

Negative Feedback: Ariana’s fans often complain about “the same old ponytail.”

  • “Still with the ponytail.”
  • “I think she would look good with a short brown bob.”
  • “I just would like to see her image evolve”
  • “Please no more ponytail 😭😭😭”