Bridesmaid Hairstyles – 18 Sophisticated Hairstyle Ideas for the Wedding Party

Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids l

Are you looking for bridesmaid hairstyles? You have come to the right place!  Find hairstyle ideas for bridesmaids including extremely formal, updo, half up and half down, and more.

From extremely formal intricate updos to more casual updos and hairstyles this slideshow features plenty of ideas for bridesmaids hairstyles including hair adornment ideas.

Why the Bride Should Choose the Bridesmaids’ Hairstyles

You have planned every detail right down to the table centerpieces so you certainly don’t want to leave the hairstyle choices to the individual bridesmaid.  This wedding represents you and your tastes including the overall look of the wedding party, which will be forever memorialized in your wedding photos.  Having a mishmash of hairstyles can be extremely distracting in group photos and may very well take the attention off of you.

If you do decide to allow for different hairstyles based on hair length and texture, you should choose a common theme that will “bind” your look so that one person is not distracting in group photos.  For instance, if you decide to have your bridesmaids wear a half-updo, even those with shorter hair should have it styled up and away from the face.

The Updo

If your wedding is extremely formal, the updo hairstyle will work well.  The updo is very versatile.  It can be extremely intricate and sophisticated or it can be worn more loosely and casually.  It also works very well with many hair lengths and textures.

The Half-Updo

The half-updo can look very formal but allows long hair to cascade softly across the back while keeping the hair off of the face.  Like the updo, these hairstyles can look extremely formal or even slightly casual.  The half-updo is a good choice for daytime weddings.

Whether you are the bride choosing matching hairstyles for your bridesmaids or you are just looking for a unique look for that special day, this slideshow features plenty of ideas to make the occasion perfect.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas

Intricate Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Intricate Updo

The intricate updo is perfect for a very formal, evening, black-tie wedding.  This hairstyle type is complex and requires a professional, so be sure to allow for plenty of time prior to the wedding for the hairstylist appointment.

Intricate Half-Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Intricate Half Updo

The intricate half-updo styles both the portion of the hair pulled back as well as the hair that is left loose.  Intricate hairstyles look fabulous in photos and work well with very formal weddings.

Soft Formal Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Soft Formal Updo

The soft formal updo is not as fussy as the intricate updo but still works well at formal weddings.  Plenty of lift adds to the sophistication while random tendrils falling about the face add softness.

Semi-Formal Braided Hairstyle

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Semi Formal Braided Hairstyle

Semi-formal braided hairstyles work well for the bride that has chosen a more Earthy natural theme.  The addition of flowers cascading down the braid make the hairstyle look wedding-worthy.

Artistic Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Artistic Updo

For the bride that is extremely detail-oriented, the artistic updo is a fun choice.  These hairstyles are gorgeous and literally, works of art.

Half Up Half Down Bouffant

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Half Up Half Down Bouffant

If you want a hairstyle that is not overly fussy but still looks like it’s ready to walk down the red carpet, the half up half down bouffant is a great choice.

Flower Embellished Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Flower Embellished Updo

The addition of flowers can add glamour to even a casual updo.  In this case, it appears the flowers are “pinning” the updo in place.

Formal Half-Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Formal Half Updo

What started off as a simple ponytail hairstyle is transformed into a glamorous formal look with detailed styling on the cascading portion of the hair.

Loops and Curls Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Loops and Curls Updo

With this formal hairstyle, all of the hair is pulled tightly to the back, where the magic begins.  The hairstyle itself doesn’t show well in group photos, but the overall look of the hair pulled back tightly is sharp in photos.

Intricate Headpiece Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Intricate Headpiece Updo

An intricate headpiece can take even the most casual updo to a new level.  This hairstyle type is best for a very small wedding party as too many of these in photos or even on the dance floor can be very distracting.

Over-the-Top Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Over the Top Updo

If you are a bride that adores things that are just one step more than what others are doing, you may want to add the same whimsy to your bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

Rosettes Bow Bun Updo

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Rosettes Bow Bun Updo

It sounds like an oxymoron, but this hairstyle is both simple and intricate as the overall look of the low bun is very simple, especially when viewed from the front, but all the magic happens in the intricate bun.

Earthy Casual Curls

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas -  Earthy Casual Curls Updo

Calling this hairstyle an updo is a stretch but the hair is pulled loosely back and allowed to tumble strategically.  The overall look with the addition of random flowers is soft and sexy.

Long Curled

Model - Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas - Long Curled

Long hair worn down can still look more formal with the addition of strategic curls, a deep twisted side part, and baby’s breath.

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