Brie Larson Hairstyles & Haircuts – All-Time Favorites

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Brie Larson Hairstyles Feature Collage

Brie Larson Hairstyles

You may recognize Brie Larson from her roles in popular films such as The Marvels (2023), Fast X (2023), and The Room (2015), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress, but you may be surprised to learn that the actress has been in the spotlight since the late 90s. That’s a lot of hairstyles!

Even as a young actress, Larson generally wore long, blonde hair, with more than a few notable looks throughout the years. This feature showcases our favorite hairstyles from a look back at all of the actress’s appearances.

Be sure to check out Brie Larson’s latest hairstyles fresh from the red carpet.

Hairstylists Present and Past

Favorite Brie Larson Hairstyles

Brie Larson - Shiny Pulled Back Hairstyle (2023) - [Hairstylist: Bryce Scarlett] - 20230516

Long Straight Hairstyle/Headband

Scissors Logo/Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity Hairstylist: Bryce Scarlett

This sleek, long hairstyle pulled back with a headband tops the list. It’s so simple, yet so elegant. The look was created by celebrity hairstylist Bryce Scarlett, who is Larson’s go-to hairstylist.

Brie Larson - Long Curled Hairstyle (2024) - [Hairstylist: Bryce Scarlett] - 20240107

Understated Curled Hairstyle

Scissors Logo/Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity Hairstylist: Bryce Scarlett

This soft, feminine hairstyle by Bryce Scarlett was understated but elegant enough to grace the carpet at the 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards

Brie Larson - Sexy Long Undone Curls Hairstyle (2023) - [Hairstylist: Bryce Scarlett] - 20230512

Sexy Long Undone Curls Hairstyle (2023)

Scissors Logo/Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity Hairstylist: Bryce Scarlett

Oo-la-la. This sexy undone curls hairstyle by Bryce Scarlett wipes out the actress’s usual “girl-next-door” vibe!

Brie Larson - Vintage Brunette Hairstyle - 20150222

Vintage Brunette Hairstyle

The actress is almost unrecognizable as a brunette with this vintage hairstyle.

Brie Larson - Shoulder Length Beachy Hairstyle - 20170414

Shoulder-Length Beachy Hairstyle

Larson’s perky shoulder-length hairstyle is likely the shortest you will see.

Brie Larson - Long Beach Waves Hairstyle (2023) - [Hairstylist: HosHounkpatin] - 20230212

Long Beach Waves Hairstyle

Scissors Logo/Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity HairstylistHosHounkpatin

Larson rarely changes hairstylists. Celebrity hairstylist HosHounkpatin created this long beach waves hairstyle for New York Fashion Week.

Brie Larson's Long Curled Hairstyle 20220410

Long Curled Hairstyle

Celebrity HairstylistBryce Scarlett

It’s soft. It’s simple. This long, curled hairstyle by Bryce Scarlett deserves a place on the great hairstyles list.

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