Carrie Coon’s Short Bob – “The Gilded Age” FYC Screening

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Carrie Coon's Short Bob -20220524
Carrie Coon’s Short Bob
[Hairstylist: Matthew Monzon]

Carrie Coon – Short Bob

Hairstylist: Matthew Monzon

Event: “The Gilded Age” FYC Screening

The Gilded Age actress Carrie Coon attended “The Gilded Age” FYC Screening with a short bob style by celebrity hairstylist Matthew Monzon.

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Positive Feedback: Carrie Coon’s fans approved of this look on social media. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “So beautiful!”
  • “Looks so nice!”
  • “Gorgeous!!!”

Negative Feedback: None.

[Pictured: Carrie Coon’s Short Bob – “The Gilded Age” FYC Screening – Whitby Hotel – New York City, NY – [Hairstylist: Matthew Monzon]]

Additional Style Credits

Stylist: Alicia Lombardini

Makeup: Rebecca Restrepo