Casual Updos – 47 Ready-to-Wear Looks

Casual Updos Feature Collage

Casual updos are great go-to hairstyles for women with long hair looking for easy, get-up-and-go hairstyles. Whether your running errands or grabbing a quick lunch with girlfriends, these hairstyle ideas might be just what you have been looking for!

Casual Updos


Emilia Clarke - Casual Updos
Emilia Clarke – Bouffant Updo with Side Sweeping Bangs

Emilia Clarke

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Updo, bouffant, side sweeping bangs

Adele - Formal Updo - 20130113
Adele – Bouffant Updo


Deep Side Part Updos

Julia Roberts - Casual Updos
Julia Roberts – Deep Side Part Updo with Low Bun

Julia Roberts with a casual updo that features a deep side part pulled back into a low bun.

Hairstyle Length: Long

More Deep Side Part Updos

Sofia Carson - Casual Updos
Sofia Carson – Deep Side Part Updo

Sofia Carson

Lea Michele - Casual Updos
Lea Michele – Deep Side Part Updo

Lea Michele

Front Hair Down Updos

Nicole Kidman 20161116-Hairstyles
Nicole Kidman – Front Hair Down Updo

Nicole Kidman‘s casual updo features a low bun in the back with a large section of hair in the front left loose.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Long, low bun, loose front

More Front Hair Down Updos

Nicole Scherzinger - Casual Updos
Nicole Scherzinger – Front Hair Down Updos

Nicole Scherzinger

Jennifer Lawrence - Casual Updos
Jennifer Lawrence – Front Hair Down Updos

Jennifer Lawrence

Ashley Benson - Casual Updo - 20130221
Ashley Benson – Casual Updo

Ashley Benson

Alexa Chung - Casual Updo - 20150920
Alexa Chung – Casual Updo

Alexa Chung

Bebe Rexha - Casual Updo - 20180311
Bebe Rexha – Casual Updo

Bebe Rexha

Cheryl Cole - Casual Updo - 20150818
Cheryl Cole – Casual Updo

Cheryl Cole

Mandy Moore - Casual Updo - 20170304
Mandy Moore – Casual Updo

Mandy Moore

Rachel McAdams - Updo - 20160206
Rachel McAdams – Updo

Rachel McAdams

Priyanka Chopra - Casual Updo - 20160822
Priyanka Chopra – Casual Updo

Priyanka Chopra Hairstyles

Salma Hayek - Formal Updo - 20180304
Salma Hayek – Formal Updo

Salma Hayek Hairstyles

High Buns

Zendaya - Casual Updos
Zendaya – High Bun Updo

Zendaya’s adorable high bun with loose tendrils is the perfect easy hairstyle to lunch with the ladies. (More Zendaya Coleman hairstyles)

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Long, high bun

More Casual High Bun Hairstyles

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Updo - 20111121
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Updo

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Kim Kardashian - Sophisticated Updo - 20190915
Kim Kardashian – Sophisticated Updo

Kim Kardashian

Ashley Tisdale - Casual Updos
Ashley Tisdale – High Bun Updo

Ashley Tisdale

Nina Dobrev - High Bun - 20151012
Nina Dobrev – Sleek High Bun Updo

Nina Dobrev Hairstyles

Heidi Klum - Updo - 20160110
Heidi Klum – Updo

Heidi Klum

Christina Aguilera - Formal Updo - 20180520
Christina Aguilera – Formal Updo

Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

Loose Updos

Olivia Wilde - Casual Updos
Olivia Wilde – Loose Updo

Olivia Wilde wearing an interesting casual updo. Instead of being pulled back across the top of the head, this updo hangs below the ears then is pulled back creating a loose updo.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Long, low bun, loose

More Loose Updos

Camila Cabello - Cinched Ponytail - 20180520
Camila Cabello – Formal Updo/Curtain Bangs

Camila Cabello

Penelope Cruz - Casual Updos
Penelope Cruz – Loose Updo

Penelope Cruz

Side Bangs Updos

Elizabeth Banks - Casual Updos

Elizabeth Banks

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Updo, side part bangs

More Side Bangs Updos

Emily VanCamp - Formal Updo - 20120923
Emily VanCamp – Side Bangs Updo

Emily VanCamp

Side Sweeping Bangs Updos

Alison Brie - Updo with Bangs - 20180520
Alison Brie – Updo with Side Sweeping bangs

Alison Brie

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Long, low bun, side sweeping bangs

More Side Sweeping Bangs Updos

Linda Cardellini - Casual Updos
Linda Cardellini – Updo with Side Sweeping Bangs

Linda Cardellini

Selena Gomez - Casual Updos
Selena Gomez- Updo with Side Sweeping Bangs

Selena Gomez

Sleek Updos

Charlize Theron - Casual Updos
Charlize Theron – Sleek Udo

Charlize Theron has a sleek, no-nonsense pulled-back hairstyle with new hair color!

More Sleek Updos

Katie Holmes - Casual Updo - 20140925
Katie Holmes – Sleek Low Bun Updo

Katie Holmes

Cara Delevingne - Formal Updo - 20190821
Cara Delevingne – Formal Updo

Cara Delevingne

Lily Collins - Casual Updos
Lily Collins – Sleek Updo

Lily Collins

Natalie Portman - Casual Updos
Natalie Portman – Sleek Updo

Natalie Portman

Updos with Headbands

Ariel Winter - Formal Updo
Ariel Winter – Formal Updo – High Bun Updo with Headband

Ariel Winter with an updo with headband

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Casual updo, decorative headband

Top Knot Updos

Alyssa Milano - Top Knot Updo - 20190220
Alyssa Milano – Top Knot Updo

Alyssa Milano

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Updo, sleek top knot

More Top Knot Updos

Bryce Dallas Howard - Formal Updo - 20160503
Bryce Dallas Howard – Top Knot Updo with Bangs

Bryce Dallas Howard

Cassadee Pope - Updo - 20160403
Cassadee Pope – Updo – Top Knot

Cassadee Pope

Elsa Pataky - Casual Updos
Elsa Pataky – Top Knot Updo

Elsa Pataky

Zoey Kazan - Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair - Top Knot Buns
Zoe Kazan – Top Knot Updo

Zoe Kazan

Ashlee Simpson - Formal Updo - 20181009
Ashlee Simpson – Formal Updo – High Top Knot

Ashlee Simpson

Bella Thorne - Formal Updo - 20160616
Bella Thorne – Top Knot Updo – (Brunette)

Bella Thorne

Gwen Stefani - Casual Updo - 20140426
Gwen Stefani – Casual Updo

Gwen Stefani

Kaley Cuoco - Updo - 20160109
Kaley Cuoco – Topknot Updo

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles

Windblown Casual Updos

Felicity Huffman - Casual Updos - Windblown Updo
Felicity Huffman – Windblown Updo

Felicity Huffman with an attractive very loose updo.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hairstyle Features: Long, low bun, side part

More Windblown Updos

Dolly Parton - Ponytail - 20181206
Dolly Parton – Wispy Updo /Spiky Bangs

Dolly Parton

Candace Cameron Bure - Casual Updo - 20150729
Candace Cameron Bure – Casual Updo – Low Bun – Curtain Bangs

Candace Cameron-Bure

Alicia Vikander - Casual Updos
Alicia Vikander – Windblown Updo

Alicia Vikander Hairstyles

Cate Blanchett - Casual Updos
Cate Blanchett – Windblown Updo

Cate Blanchett Hairstyles

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