Celebrity Street Style: Oops! They Forgot They Were Famous

Celebrity Street Style - Worse Dressed

Did you ever wonder how your favorite celebrities dress in real life when they are not playing a part or dressed by a professional for the red carpet?  Some will amaze you (not always in a good way), some will inspire.  These photo sets are taken by cameras on the street with the celebrity going about their daily business.  No posing.  No planning.

Let’s take a look at what is trending (or shouldn’t be trending) in street fashion this week.

We understand that taking a flight is long and tiresome and when it comes to fashion, who cares!  You just want to be comfortable.  But there is a limit to what is acceptable to wear in public.  Unacceptable?  Yoga pants that are too tight revealing things that nobody wishes to see.  Baggy sweatpants with stains.  Here are the disasters that were caught on film.

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