Cynthia Nixon – Looking Fab with New Cut & Color (2022)

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Cynthia Nixon - Short Mushroom Cap Haircut - 20221009

Cynthia Nixon – Mushroom Cap Haircut

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Celebrity Hairstylist: Rebekah Forecast

Event: 2022 PaleyFest NY “The Gilded Age”

The Gilded Age actress Cynthia Nixon attended the 2022 PaleyFest NY “The Gilded Age” with a variation of the mushroom cap haircut styled by celebrity hairstylist Rebekah Forecast.

[Pictured: Cynthia Nixon – Short Mushroom Cap Haircut – [Hairstylist: Rebekah Forecast] – 2022 PaleyFest NY “The Gilded Age” – Paley Museum – New York City, NY]

What Is a Mushroom Cap Haircut?

The mushroom cap or bowl haircut is a short cut where the hair is all one length cut evenly across the bottom, creating a style that resembles the name.

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Tools & Products Used to Create This Style

Often, celebrity hairstylists share which haircare products and hairstyling tools they use to create their looks on social media. Here are the tools & products used for this look.

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Cynthia Nixon – Mushroom Cap Haircut Stats

Cynthia Nixon - Short Mushroom Cap Haircut - 20221009

Hairstyle Length: Short

Hair Color: Red

Highlights: Yes

Bangs/Fringe: No

Extensions: No

Hairstyle Category: Casual

Hairstyle Freshness Factor

Cynthia Nixon's Pixie Haircut - 20220506

Cynthia Nixon’s haircut isn’t that much different from those that she has been showcasing on the red carpet this season, but the color sure is!

Red Carpet Comparison: The Gilded Age actress has a very fresh look compared to the oversaturation of bobs and long curled hairstyles boring us to tears lately.

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Social Media Buzz

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Positive Feedback: Cynthia Nixon’s fans gave this look a big thumbs up on social media. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “Oh, I LOVE!!”
  • “🔥🔥🔥”
  • “Well, we have our redhead girl again!”

Negative Feedback: None.

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