Elle Fanning Surprises Fans with a Short Blonde Haircut

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Instagram – Elle Fanning posted on Instagram today a great photo in which she looks completely different, sporting a short blonde haircut. Psych! That’s what fans who didn’t read the caption thought, where she explains that the haircut is actually a wig. Her caption explained, “It’s Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. I threw this wig on by coincidence today, not realizing the date… MY FOREVER ICON 💋”

If she hadn’t posted that she was wearing a wig, it certainly would have been big news for getting such a dramatic haircut after all the years of long hairstyle after long hairstyle. This wig looks real!

Elle’s fans loved the look, posting, “It’s a Masterpiece love ❤️❤️❤️,” “So stylish!” and “Love this look for you!! ❤️” Other fans teased her a bit with comments like, “Love you absolutely gorg even with a Marilyn wig 😍” and “You look like you came straight out of a Tim Burton movie but in the best way possible 😍😍”

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