Female Celebrity Buzz Cuts – The Shocking Looks Breaking the Internet

Female Celebrity Buzz Cuts Feature Collage
Female Celebrity Buzz Cuts

If you have ever contemplated an easy-to-maintain haircut a women’s buzz cut is literally the easiest look ever. Though a shocking cut, it can be extremely attractive if you are brave enough to pull it off.

What Is a Buzz Cut?

A buzz cut features hair that is shaved close to the scalp with clippers to one uniform length around the entire head.

Check out these female celebrities that took the plunge and shaved it all off!

Amber Rose - Buzz Cut - 20110212
Amber Rose – Buzz Cut

American model Amber Rose with a buzz cut.

Kristen Stewart - Buzz Cut - 20170309
Kristen Stewart – Buzz Cut

American actress Kristen Stewart (Twilight) with a buzz cut.

If you like this look, be sure to check out more Kristen Stewart hairstyles below!


Kristen Stewart Hairstyles Feature Collage
Kristen Stewart Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart Hairstyles

Cynthia Nixon - Buzz Cut - 20120610
Cynthia Nixon – Buzz Cut

American actress Cynthia Nixon (Sex in the City) with a buzz cut.

Kate Hudson - Buzz Cut - 20171014
Kate Hudson – Buzz Cut

American actress Kate Hudson (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days) with a buzz cut/crew cut.

Rose McGowan - Platinum Buzz Cut - 20180914
Rose McGowan – Platinum Buzz Cut

American actress Rose McGowan (Charmed) with a buzz cut.

Cynthia Erivo - Shaved Head Hairstyle - 20180611
Cynthia Erivo – Buzz Cut

English actress Cynthia Erivo (Genius) with a buzz cut.

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