Formal Updos – Glamorous Looks for Black-Tie Events

Formal Updos Feature Collage

Are looking for formal updos for a once-in-a-lifetime event? Look no further!  Find iconic and glamorous formal hairstyles.

This slideshow will give you plenty of ideas.  From highly sophisticated to sexy and sultry, you’re sure to find a hairstyle that will fit your formal event.

Formal Updos

Audrey Hepburn Beehive

Model - Vintage Hairstyles - 1960s Beehive

If you are attending a black-tie event, you can’t go wrong with the classic Audrey Hepburn updo.  With a little manipulation and a lot of hairspray, this style can work with shorter hair lengths as well.

Face Framing Chunky Updo

Model - Formal Updos - face-framing chunky updo

Regardless of the updo you choose, leaving large chunks out to frame the face gives any updo a sexy less “stiff” feel.

Ballerina Updo

Model - Formal Updos - ballerina updo

The formal dance hairstyle isn’t just for the prima ballerina.  It’s great for formal cooperate parties because it’s all business up front and sophisticated in the back.

Messy Faux Beehive

Model - Formal Updos - messy faux beehive

If you have bangs, consider pulling out random pieces of hair from your updo so the look is not as stiff.

Curled Half Updo

Model - Formal Updos - curled half updo

If you have long hair and do not want to wear an updo, long hair worn down can look just as formal.  Give the top plenty of height and give plenty of attention to any hair that is not pinned up.

Artistic Updo

Model - Formal Updos - artistic updo

If you have a very formal event and you want to be the “belle of the ball”, consider hiring a talented hairstylist to create a sophisticated updo.  Many professional hairstylists can create works of art with strands of hair.

Loose Braid Updo

Model - Formal Updos - loose braid updo

Incorporating a face-framing braid adds interest to even the simplest updo.

Braided Side Sweep

Model - Formal Updos - Braided Side Sweep

Braids can also work in a half updo hairstyle. Adding a few different braid styles keeps the style from looking “every day”.

Pin-Curl Glamorous Updo

Model - Formal Updos - pin curl glamorous updo

Add a bit of mystery and glam to your updo hairstyle by leaving hair out only on one side. Adding a simple hair accessory to your updo can take if from simple to simply sophisticated.

Vintage French Twist Combo

Model - Formal Updos - vintage french twist combo

Gel and hairspray can help to create loose waves surrounding a loose french twist.

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