Hairstyle Advice: How to French Braid Hair


French braiding hair is a simple and effective way of keeping your hair out of your face. When you French braid your hair, you are adding sophistication to any classic braid. The good news is, a French braid only looks difficult to do. Once you get the hang of it, this braid is very simple to do. It’s also ideal for shorter hair or layered styles that can be difficult to braid.

Step One

The first step to French braid hair is to begin with a small section of hair, usually at the crown of the head. You should not take more hair than could be fit into a small barrette. Divide this into three sections, as you would a normal braid. The left section will cross over the center, becoming the new center. The right section will then cross over that one.

Step Two

The next crossover will begin to pick up more hair. Take your hand and separate out a section of hair, about half an inch below the original section that was pulled. Bring this section to the back of the head, along with the original piece from the braid and cross this over the center. With each strand that is crossed, this process will be repeated. As you move down the head, the sections will gradually become thicker, becoming an attractive and comfortable French braid.

Step Three

Once the braid reaches the nape of the neck, the French braid will convert to a traditional braid. The three sections will be criss-crossed over each other until the band is placed firmly around the hair at the end.

Tips for Variations

While French braiding can start at the top of the head, it doesn’t have to. A casual and comfortable way to wear a French braid is to start the braid further down on the back of the head. For this, you will begin with a heavier section of hair. One easy way is simply to take all the hair above the ears to start the first piece. This creates a style that is a little unique and very comfortable to wear.

French braids can be worn loose or extremely tight. A loose French braid is more casual and relaxed, while still being classic enough to wear during fancy occasions. A very tight French braid is very functional and will effectively keep hair out of your face and eyes. Many female athletes choose a tight French braid when practicing or performing.

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