Hairstyle Advice: How to Style a Pixie Cut

pixie-haircut1It was a bold move for Audrey Hepburn to sport a pixie haircut in the 1950’s when the era’s ideal woman wore long hair modestly pulled back, heels, and skirts. The more defiant 60’s showcased more of this bold haircut with such stars as Mia Farrow and Twiggy. Long-haired Goldie Hawn even sported a pixie in the 60’s.

The haircut is still popular today as it is flattering to many face shapes, hair types, and is easy to maintain.  The haircut is characterized by super short sides with slightly longer top layers.  The length of the cut may seem to limit styling options to one, but the fact is, the style can be worn in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few ideas of how your pixie cut can be worn.

Give the Top Layers a Lift

pixie-haircut2Add a little body to your pixie cut by adding lift to the top layers.  Add a little mousse and pull the hair upward and toward the back as you blow dry.

Go Vertical

pixie-haircut3Add height and dimension to your pixie cut with a dab of styling gel.  Pull hair straight up as you dry it and set with hairspray.

Pick a Side

pixie-haircutStyle the cut to one side for a softly feminine look.  Add a few wispy bangs by styling a few hairs toward the forehead.

Add Accessories

pixie-haircut-5With accessories, you can be as playful or subtle as you like.


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