Joey King’s Daring Buzz Cut – 2018 Hulu Holiday Party

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Joey King's Buzz Cut - 20181116
Joey King’s Buzz Cut

Joey King’s Daring Buzz Cut

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Celebrity Hairstylist: On Set

Event: 2018 Hulu Holiday Party

The Act actress Joey King attended the 2018 Hulu Holiday Party with a fresh buzz cut. King agreed to shave her head for the role of Gypsy Rose Blanchard in Hulu’s The Act, a true-crime drama that follows the strained relationship between Blanchard and her mother who forced her to pretend she was sick throughout her childhood even keeping her head shaved to make her look like she had cancer. The girl ended up killing her mother.

King is fearless when it comes to hairstyle changes – even shaving her head. This current buzz cut will mark the third time that the actress has shaved her head for roles for Wish I Was Here and The Dark Knight Rises.

It’s not quite clear who shaved her head throughout filming but was likely someone who worked on the set. Celebrity hairstylist Dimitrias Giannetos often styled it for red carpet events as it was growing out.

[Pictured: Joey King’s Daring Buzz Cut – 2018 Hulu Holiday Party – Los Angeles, CA]

Tools & Products Used to Create This Style

  • None specified.

Joey King's Buzz Cut - 20181116
Joey King’s Buzz Cut

Hairstyle Stats

Hairstyle Length: Super short

Hair Color: Brunette

Highlights: No

Bangs/Fringe: No

Extensions: No

Hairstyle Category: Casual

Social Media Buzz

Positive Feedback: Joey King’s fans gave this look lots of positive feedback on social media. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “A-mazing 👏🏼❤️😍”
  • “Beautiful inside and out!”
  • “I’m in love😍😍”

Negative Feedback: None.

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