Kate Beckinsale’s Consistent Hairstyle Streak Is Over! Check Out the Blonde Bombshell

[June 19, 2021 – Instagram] Kate Beckinsale has beautiful hair. There’s no denying that fact. But as and anxious reporter of anything new and exciting in the celebrity hairstyle world, Beckinsale is not at the top of my “edge-of-your-seat” list. Until now.

Beckinsale’s hairstylist Aaron Light posted the above pic of the actress with new blonde hair color and shorter hair cut. A month ago he credited the hair color to Tracey Cunningham who manages the color of many top celebrities.

Though it looks FANTABULOUS, I’m going to put it out there that this look is likely a wig for her new role in the Prime Video action/comedy Jolt. On the red carpet of the movie’s premiere in July, Beckinsale wore her go-to brunette ponytail that she has been sporting for years.

New hairstyle or just a temporary change, it was definitely exciting to see Kate Beckinsale with a brand new look.

You can follow all of celebrity hairstylist Aaron Light’s creations by clicking on the link in his post above.

Additional Style Credits

Makeup: Chase Aston

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Kate Beckinsale Hairstyles

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