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Kate Hudson’s Sleek Updo – Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala

Kate Hudson's Sleek Updo - 20211113
Kate Hudson’s Sleek Updo
[Hairstylist: Gregory Russell]

Kate Hudson – Sleek Updo

Hairstylist: Gregory Russell

Event: Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon actress Kate Hudson attended the Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala with a very chic, sleek updo with a low bun styled by celebrity hairstylist Gregory Russell.

Tools & Products Used to Create This Look

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Positive Feedback: Kate’s fans gave this look lots of love on social media. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “Sleekest n chicest lil’ knot!”
  • “Oooh I love that hair!”
  • “Need a tutorial!!!”

Negative Feedback: None

[Pictured: Kate Hudson’s Sleek Updo – Baby2Baby 10-Year Gala – West Hollywood, CA – Hairstylist: Gregory Russell]

Additional Style Credits

Stylist: Sophie Lopez

Makeup: Debra Ferullo

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