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Men's Bowl Haircuts Feature
Men’s Bowl Haircuts

If you are looking for men’s bowl haircuts, check out these male celebrities that have worn the look on the red carpet.

Benedict Cumberbatch - Men's Haircut Names - Bowl Haircut
Benedict Cumberbatch – Bowl Haircut

English actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) with a bowl haircut.

What Is a Bowl Haircut?

The bowl haircut or mushroom top is a style of haircut that is cut to one uniform length around the circumference of the head. The length is usually just above the ears and the entire haircut creates a “bowl” shape around the head’s circumference. It’s a popular cut for little boys.

Celebrity Library of Haircut Types: Bowl Cut

Cillian Murphy - Short Haircuts for Men Over 40 - bowl cut
Cillian Murphy – Bowl Haircut

Cillian Murphy

Matt Damon - Short Haircuts for Men Over 50 - bowl cut
Matt Damon – Bowl Cut

Matt Damon

Johnny Depp - Tousled Bowl Cut - 20040229
Johnny Depp – Tousled Bowl Cut

Johnny Depp

Chris Pine - Bowl Haircut - 20141120
Chris Pine – Bowl Haircut Variation

Chris Pine

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