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Men's Fringe Haircuts Feature Collage
Men’s Fringe Haircuts

If you are looking for men’s fringe haircuts, check out these male celebrities that have worn the look on the red carpet.

Tom Cruise - Men's Haircut Names - fringe
Tom Cruise – Fringe Haircut

American actor Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible) with a fringe haircut.

What Is a fringe haircut?

A fringe haircut is a men’s regular but with fringe or bangs over the forehead.

Celebrity Photo Library of Fringe Haircuts

Billy Bob Thornton - Short Haircut for Men Over 60 - Fringe Haircut - 20160301
Billy Bob Thornton – Fringe Haircut – Full Goatee

Billy Bob Thornton

Ashton Kutcher - Fringe Haircut - 20160522
Ashton Kutcher – Fringe Haircut

Ashton Kutcher

Johnny Depp - Short Layered Fringe Hairstyle - 20080110
Johnny Depp – Short Layered Fringe Hairstyle

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt - Fringe Mullet - 1999
Brad Pitt – Fringe Mullet

Brad Pitt

Chace Crawford - Short Haircuts for Men Over 30 - fringe
Chace Crawford – Fringe Haircut

Chace Crawford

Douglas Booth - Fringe Haircut - 20130618
Douglas Booth – Fringe Haircut

Douglas Booth

Ian Somerhalder - Fringe Haircut - Stubble Beard - 20170923
Ian Somerhalder – Fringe Haircut – Stubble Beard

Ian Somerhalder

Justin Bieber - Fringe Haircut - 20090913
Justin Bieber – Fringe Haircut

Justin Bieber

Zac Efron - Fringe Haircut - 20070331
Zac Efron – Fringe Haircut

Zac Efron

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