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Men's Pompadour Hairstyles Feature
Men’s Pompadour Hairstyles

If you are looking for modern pompadour hairstyles, check out these male celebrities that have worn the look on the red carpet.

Adam Lambert - Men's Haircut Names - pompadour
Adam Lambert – Classic Pompadour

Adam Lambert with a pompadour.

What Is a Pompadour?

A pompadour features hair that is longer on top and worn high over the forehead. Nostalgically, the hair on the sides of the head were longer and slicked back often to a duck-tail in the back where the two sides meet to create a vertical line.

Today’s variations are generally cut short on the sides with volume on top. Though the traditional pompadour is extremely exaggerated, the modern look is a much tamer version.

Charlie Sheen - Short Haircuts for Men Over 50 - pompadour
Charlie Sheen – Pompadour

Charlie Sheen

Scott Cooper - Pompadour

Scott Cooper

James Franco - pompadour - scruffy goatee - 20171110
James Franco – Pompadour – Scruffy Goatee

James Franco

Chris Pine - Modern Pompadour - 20160720
Chris Pine – Modern Pompadour

Chris Pine

David Gandy - Modern Pompadour - Stubble Goatee - 20141130
David Gandy – Modern Pompadour – Stubble Goatee

David Gandy

Matt Bomer - Modern Pompadour - 20150919
Matt Bomer – Modern Pompadour

Matt Bomer

Zac Efron - Pompadour - 20170507
Zac Efron – Pompadour

Zac Efron

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