Nina Dobrev’s Perfect Prom Hairstyles

Nina Dobrev's Perfect Prom Hairstyles Feature

Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) is the perfect source to look to for ideas on ways to style your hair for prom.  When she arrives at an event, she always has a new and interesting hairstyle. Check out Nina Dobrev’s hairstyles for prom below.

Nina Dobrev Hairstyles for Prom

Curly Side Sweep

Nina Dobrev - Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair - Curly Side Sweeps

If you don’t feel comfortable with a fancy updo, ramp up your current style by parting it on one side and wearing the bulk of it on the opposite side.  The effect is quite sexy.

Side Sweep Ponytail

Nina Dobrev - Side Ponytail - 20090607

If you’re the type of gal that likes to keep it simple but still want to try something slightly different from your regular style, try parting your hair on the side and pulling it into a low pony styled to one side.

Side Braid

Nina Dobrev - Side Braid - 20100520

Adding any sort of hair adornment will dress up your look no matter what style you choose.  It fits especially well with a half updo.

Messy Pony

Nina Dobrev - Messy Ponytail - 20100610

This ponytail gives the impression that “I don’t care, but heck, I still look fabulous”.

Pinned Back Side Part

Nina Dobrev - Pinned Back Side Part 20110605

Wearing your down but pulled back just off of the face can dress up your style.  In this case, Nina added plenty of curls for volume and body.

Textured Ponytail

Nina Dobrev - Textured Ponytail - 20110619

Drying your hair upside down with a texturizing product will give your style lots of interest once it’s pulled back.

High Ponytail

Nina Dobrev - High Ponytail - 20110807

If you like the ‘neat and tidy’ look, a straightened pulled back hairstyle will probably work for you.  In this case, Nina has sectioned her hair off, then pulled it back.

Crowning Braid

Nina Dobrev - Crowning Braid - 20110910

Braiding the front of your hair adds interest to any updo.

Woven Braids

Nina Dobrev - Braided Hairstyles

An easy way to change up your look is to pull back the front portion of your hair and weave it into the remaining hair.

Formal Updo

Nina Dobrev - Formal Updo - 20120910

A sophisticated updo is standard fare for any prom, and this one is divine.  Nina has all of her hair arranged neatly in the back, but has plenty of lift on the top.

Long Straight with Headband

Nina Dobrev - Hairstyle Ideas for Long Hair

A headband, a hair straightener, and plenty of lift at the crown make for a super simple yet highly fashionable prom style statement.

High Ponytail with Bangs

Nina Dobrev - Ponytails
Nina Dobrev – High Ponytail/Curtain Bangs

Leaving the front hair hanging with a tidy high ponytail is a fun style for a fancy event.

Lifted Updo

Nina Dobrev - Lifted Updo - 20140108

This updo is characterized by volume, volume, volume on the top.

High Bun

Nina Dobrev - High Bun - 20151012

This elegant hairstyle has all the hair pulled upward and then rolled into a fancy bun.

Faux-Hawk Braid

Nina Dobrev - Faux Hawk Braid - 20151017

Pulling the front portion of your hair to the back and backcombing for lift adds interest to a long hairstyle.

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