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Ponytails Feature Collage

Women with long hair are always looking for new and creative ways to style it.  Ponytails may not seem creative, but these celebrities have taken the old hum-drum hairstyle and turned it up a notch.  Just a few minor adjustments can turn bland into glam.

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Formal Ponytails

Bryce Dallas Howard - Ponytails
Bryce Dallas Howard – Formal Ponytail

Bryce Dallas Howard with an intricate ponytail with bangs. These ponytails generally require a hairstylist but are worthy of the most special of occasions.

Half up Half down Hairstyles for Prom
Emilia Clarke - Ponytails
Emilia Clarke – Half Updo with ponytails
Bryce Dallas Howard-Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for Bridesmaids
Bryce Dallas Howard
Jaime King - Ponytails
Jaime King – Formal Ponytail
Carmen Electra - Ponytail - 20180107
Carmen Electra – Bouffant Curly Ponytail

Carmen Electra

Charlize Theron - Ponytail - 20170408
Charlize Theron – Pull-through Ponytail

Charlize Theron

Natalie Dormer - Formal Ponytail - 20150208
Natalie Dormer – Formal Ponytail

Natalie Dormer Hairstyles

Genie Ponytails

Beyonce - Ponytails
Beyonce – Genie Ponytail

Newly blonde Beyonce has taken the ponytail to new heights wearing it directly on top of her head rather than toward the back.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hair Color: Blonde

Hairstyle Features: Ponytail, hair wrap

Maria Menounos - Ponytails

Maria Menounos – High Ponytail with tendrils

Bella Hadid - Ponytails

Bella Hadid – High Ponytail

Rihanna - Curly Genie Ponytail - 20170717
Rihanna – Curly Genie Ponytail

Rihanna Hairstyles

Christina Aguilera - Ponytail - 20170723
Christina Aguilera – Ponytail

Christina Aguilera Hairstyles

High Ponytails

Blake Lively - Ponytails

Blake Lively has gorgeous hair but anyone with long hair can have this stylish look. The secret to this high ponytail is using a straightening iron on the ponytail.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hair Color: Blonde

Hairstyle Features: Ponytail, straightened


Ashley Graham - High Ponytail - 20170216
Ashley Graham – High Ponytail

Ashley Graham

Chanel West Coast-Styling Long Hair Awesome Ponytails
Chanel West Coast – Ponytail

Chanel West Coast

Sandra Bullock - Ponytails

Sandra Bullock – Sleek high ponytail

Kate Hudson - Ponytails

Kate Hudson – Sleek high ponytail

Alyssa Milano - High Ponytail - 20190520
Alyssa Milano – High Ponytail

Alyssa Milano

Anna Kendrick - Ponytail - 20170611
Anna Kendrick – Ponytail

Anna Kendrick

Katie Holmes - Ponytail - 20131001
Katie Holmes – Ponytail

Katie Holmes

Yara Shahidi - Ponytail - 20160312
Yara Shahidi – Ponytail

Yara Shahidi

Gwen Stefani - Ponytail - 20170311
Gwen Stefani – High Ponytail

Gwen Stefani

Gabrielle Union - Sleek Ponytail - 20161011
Gabrielle Union – Sleek Ponytail

Gabrielle Union Hairstyles

Ciara - High Ponytail - 20190501
Ciara – High Ponytail

Ciara Hairstyles

Low Ponytails

Bryce Dallas Howard - Ponytails

Bryce Dallas Howard’s elegant low ponytail is anything but basic. To get the look, the hair is parted on the side with the majority of the hair brushed low over the forehead to create “bangs”. The hair at the crown is heightened.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hair Color: Red

Hairstyle Features: Ponytail, side sweeping bangs, heightened crown


Emma Roberts - Ponytails

Emma Roberts – Low ponytail

Alicia Keys - Ponytail - 20140424
Alicia Keys – Ponytail

Alicia Keys

Ashanti - Sleek Ponytail - 20130928
Ashanti – Sleek Ponytail


Ashley Benson - Ponytail
Ashley Benson – Low Curled Ponytail

Ashley Benson

Brie Larson - Ponytail - 20170226
Brie Larson – Ponytail

Brie Larson

Demi Lovato - Ponytail - 20131018
Demi Lovato – Ponytail [Green]

Demi Lovato

Kim Kardashian - Ponytail - 20104
Kim Kardashian – Ponytail

Kim Kardashian

Mila Kunis - Sleek Ponytail - 20160414
Mila Kunis – Sleek Ponytail

Mila Kunis Hairstyles

Priyanka Chopra - Ponytail - 20160918
Priyanka Chopra – Ponytail

Priyanka Chopra Hairstyles

Lucy Hale - Ponytail - 20140824
Lucy Hale – Ponytail

Lucy Hale Hairstyles

Sofia Vergara - Formal Ponytail - 20160228
Sofia Vergara – Formal Ponytail

Sofia Vergara Hairstyles

Ponytails and Braids

Olivia Culpo - Ponytails 20170104

Olivia Culpo’s hairstylist, Justine Marjan, pulled Olivia’s hair back in a sleek ponytail with two tiny braids at each temple.  Her makeup artist, Liz Castellanos, gave her a dewy complexion with elongated lashes.

Style Credits

Hair: Justine Marjan

Makeup: Liz Castellanos

Styled by: Anita Patrickson

Olivia Culpo - Ponytails - Side View

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hair Color: Brunette

Hairstyle Features: Ponytail, cornrow braids


Ariana Grande - Ponytails

Ariana Grande – High ponytail with braids

Margot Robbie - Ponytails

Margot Robbie – High ponytail with a French braid.

Britney Spears - High Ponytail with Braid - 20150830
Britney Spears – High Ponytail with Braid

Britney Spears

Ponytails with Bangs

Paula Abdul - Ponytails

Paula Abdul looks youthful with a bouffant hairstyle pulled into a ponytail with deep side sweeping bangs.

Hairstyle Length: Long

Hair Color: Brunette

Hairstyle Features: Ponytail, side sweeping bangs, bouffant

If you like this look, be sure to check out more Paula Abdul hairstyles below!

More Ponytails with Bangs

Adele - Side Ponytail - 20090208
Adele – Messy Ponytail


Kristin Chenoweth - Ponytails

Kristin Chenoweth – Bouffant ponytail with bangs

Christina Hendricks - Ponytails

Christina Hendricks – Bouffant ponytail with bangs

Jennifer Aniston - Ponytails

Jennifer Aniston – Heightened crown ponytail

Julie Bowen - Ponytails

Julie Bowen – Heightened crown ponytail

Ashlee Simpson - Ponytail - 20180602
Ashlee Simpson – Ponytail Curtain Bangs

Ashlee Simpson

Candace Cameron-Bure - Ponytail - 20160731
Candace Cameron-Bure – Ponytail – Curtain Bangs

Candace Cameron-Bure

Reese Witherspoon - Ponytail/Wispy Bangs
Reese Witherspoon – Ponytail/Wispy Bangs

Reese Witherspoon

Jessica Biel - Ponytail - 20120711
Jessica Biel – Bouffant Ponytail/Side Sweeping Bangs

Jessica Biel Hairstyles

Dakota Johnson - Ponytail/Curtain Bangs - 20160209
Dakota Johnson – Ponytail/Curtain Bangs

Dakota Johnson Hairstyles

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