Prom Updos – 16 Sophisticated Hairstyles

Model - Prom Updos

It’s not often that you attend an event so special that you have the option to wear your hair in a sophisticated updo.  This slideshow features prom updos that are classic and elegant.

1-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

If you want a polished prom look like that pictured above, make sure to pull back the sides tightly, give a little lift to the top, and wear whichever type of bun you choose high on the crown.  Adding a large accessory gives the style a little spunk.

2-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This prom hairstyle requires a good hairstylist who is creative and works well with braided hairstyles.

3-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This unique prom look takes individual strands of hair and sculpts them artistically on top of the actual style.

4-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This cool updo focuses all of the actual styling to one side.

5-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This fun style features hair that is pulled back dramatically and piled high at the crown.

6-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This sexy style is teased and lifted across the top while soft cascading hair is sculpted to one side.

7-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This hairstyle features on large braid woven from side to side loosely falling about the forehead.

8-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This sophisticated updo features tiny braids that encircle the bun.

9-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

Lots of lift on top and an exaggerated back bun highlight this prom style.

10-Sophisticated Updos for Prom l

This interesting style has all the interest in the back with waves of hair layers overlapping each other.

11-Sophisticated Updo Hairstyles for Prom l

Wrap a subtle string of beads or baby’s breath around your bun to glam up your look.

12-Sophisticated Updo Hairstyles for Prom l

Tiny adornments such as the purple ribbons shown above add character and dimension to your style.

13-Sophisticated Updo Hairstyles for Prom l

Have your hairstylist get creative with your bun.

14-Sophisticated Updo Hairstyles for Prom l

Have your hairstylist work with your hair color.

15-Sophisticated Updo Hairstyles for Prom l

Pull strands out of the style to give it character.

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