Red Hair Shades – Hair Color Ideas from Hollywood

Shades of Red-Hair Color Ideas from Hollywood

It may not surprise you that red is the rarest hair color but did you know that only 1-2% of the world’s population actually has naturally red hair?  Knowing that it should come as no surprise that most of Hollywood’s hot redheads were not born that way.  It should also give you the inspiration to give it a try.

If you are ready to crank up the heat and become a fiery redhead, view some of the hottest red hair shades in Hollywood for inspiration.

Coco Rocha-Gingersnap

Coco Rocha-Red Hair Color Ideas l

Canadian model Coco Rocha has been the face of a many famous fashion houses such as Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, and Calvin Klein.  When she decided to change her hair color to red, she opted to put her new fiery haired fate into the hands of the self-proclaimed “King of Color” New York-based colorist Louis Licari.

Debra Messing-Light Auburn

Debra Messing-2007

Actress Debra Messing (Will & Grace) was born a brunette but has been rocking the red hair for years.  In reviewing years of PR photo footage, she has tried out several shades and in our opinion, all with great success.

Marcia Cross-Medium Copper Orange

Marcia Cross-Red Hair Color Ideas

Though she has tried out several shades over the years, actress Marcia Cross is actually a natural redhead!  But being a true redhead has its downside according to Marcia’s interview with People Magazine. “With the red hair, you get the white skin; it’s a package deal. . . I use as high SPF as I can get, and I live under a hat like a mushroom all the time.” Well, whatever you are doing it’s working, Marcia.  You always look healthy and radiant.

Kathy Griffin-Light Auburn with Highlights

Kathy Griffin-Red Hair Color Ideas

Kathy Griffin with a light auburn hair color at the 2014 Hollywood Bowl Opening Night and Hall of Fame Ceremony.

Rose McGowan-Ginger

Rose McGowan-Red Hair Color Ideas

At age 15, Rose McGowan appeared in her first movie Doom as a brunette.  She has dyed her hair red on several occasions. In 2002 she made an appearance at the Absolut party as a redhead and kept the red hair until 2004.  The public would see her as a redhead again throughout 2008.

Sharon Osbourne – Deep Burgandy

Sharon Osbourne - Short Layered Hairstyle with Crown Height - 20100911

Though early on Sharon Osbourne appeared with honey brown hair, her signature look is as a redhead.  She has changed shades over the years, including this burgundy tone.

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Sharon Osbourne Hairstyles Feature Collage

Sharon Osbourne Hairstyles

Christina Hendricks-Light Copper Red

Christina Hendricks-Red Hair Color Ideas

Christina Hendricks is naturally blonde.  According to Daily Mail UK, Christina dyed her hair red at only ten years old.  She became a permanent redhead following a modeling shoot for the hair color Nice and Easy.  And yes, Christina revealed that she dyes her own hair at home.

Amy Adams-Reddish Brown

Amy Adams-Celebrities with Red Hair

Naturally-blonde Amy Adams is striking in red hair.  According to Fox News, the actress claims that she was always typecast as a blonde and only started nabbing better roles when she colored it.  Great choice, but in our opinion, she looks great either way.

Cynthia Nixon-Light Copper

Cynthia Nixon - Medium Beachy Hairstyle-Hollywood's Best and Worst Hair Color Choices for Skin Tone l

Yet another natural blonde who opted for red, Cynthia Nixon actually became a redhead for her role as Miranda Hobbs in Sex and the City.  She told Marie Claire in an interview that she actually returns to her natural blonde as soon as she possibly can because the red is so hard to maintain.

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Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles Feature Collage
Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles

Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles

Rihanna-Burnt Sienna

Rihanna-Shades of Red Hair Color Ideas from Hollywood

Considering this particular shade of red, it is obvious that this is not her natural hair color. Rihanna‘s natural color is black, but that hasn’t stopped her from trying out a variety of fun and wild colors over the years.  Her adoring fans have seen her in several shades of red, as a blonde, and even two-toned.

Emma Stone-Brownish Red

Emma Stone-Red Hair Color Ideas

It may surprise you, but Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde.  Though the red hair looks great on Emma, she pulls off either color well.

Jena Malone-Orange Copper

Jena Malone-Shades of Red Hair Color Ideas from Hollywood l

At the age of ten years old, Jena Malone made her movie debut in Bastard Out of Carolina as a brunette.  Jena is not a committed redhead, changing her hair color often. She has appeared at events as a brunette, redhead, blonde, platinum blonde, and jet black.

Julianne Moore-Light Auburn

Julianne Moore-Red Hair Color Ideas

Actress Julianne Moore is another natural redhead.  She has kept her shade of red, which suits her beautifully, fairly consistent over the years.  As a redhead, she is blessed with the signature freckles, which she admits were a source of ridicule as a child.  She published the bestselling children’s book series Freckleface Strawberry the title of which is based on her childhood nickname.

Nicole Kidman-Reddish Blonde

Nicole Kidman-Red Hair Color Ideas

Though Nicole Kidman wore her hair red for many years, she is actually a blonde.  According to her biography on IMDB, she was born a redhead but her hair turned light blonde by age 13 and is currently a darker shade of blonde.  She was asked to dye her hair red for her role in the 1983 movie Chase Through the Night and kept it that way for several years and several movie roles.

Tilda Swinton-Medium Auburn

Tilda Swinton - - Short Layered Hairstyle - 20080210

Tilda Swinton‘s hair color is as versatile as her talent.  Often appearing as a platinum blonde, this shade of red looks fabulous with her skin tone.

Sheridan Smith-Deep Auburn

Sheridan Smith-Red Hair Color Ideas l

LOVE this red hair color on Sheridan Smith.  Most often appearing as a blonde, several PR photos reveal that she has brunette roots.

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