Shocking Celebrity Haircuts That Left Us Speechless

Shocking Celebrity Haircuts

We are accustomed to seeing our favorite celebrities perfectly primped, sprayed, and gelled when they hit the red carpet but these ladies have to need to call that celebrity hairstylist to sit for hours to get those tresses just right and camera ready.  These ladies have taken the ultimate plunge and taken it all off!  Take a look at the shocking celebrity haircuts that left us speechless.

Cara Delevingne-Long Breezy Beachy Hairstyles
Cara Delevingne 20170507-Hairstyles

Cara Delevingne

English model Cara Delevingne certainly made a statement when she shaved her head. The English model revealed her motives to her 39.9 million instagram followers in the following post:

“Its exhausting to be told what beauty should look like. I am tired of society defining beauty for us. Strip away the clothes, Wipe Off the make up, cut off the hair. Remove all the material possessions. Who are we? How are we defining beauty? What do we see as beautiful?”

Cynthia Nixon 20120502-Hairstyles
Cynthia Nixon - Shaved Head - 20120126

This look isn’t a fashion statement for Cynthia Nixon.  She shaved her head to play a cancer patient in the play ‘Wit’.  The actress told Kelly Ripa that she thought this new look was going to be no-muss no-fuss but found that she had to shave her head every day to avoid “five-o’clock shadow”.

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Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles Feature Collage
Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles

Cynthia Nixon Hairstyles

Angelina Jolie 20140302-Hairstyles
Angelina Jolie - Shaved Head - 19970904

Angelina Jolie shaved her head to play supermodel Gia in HBO’s TV film by the same name.

Halsey-Celebrity Alternative Hair Color
Halsey 20161120-Hairstyles


To the dismay of many of her bubble gum groupies who adored her long blue hair, Halsey shaved her head with no regrets.  In an interview, the American singer told Nylon Magazine

“Hair has also been a big indicator of racial issues in my life.” (Halsey is biracial)   “It’s one of the ultimate symbolic struggles for women of color. Shaving my head was important to me because I needed to be able to prove that I could still love myself if I did it.”

Kate Hudson 20170510-Hairstyles
Kate Hudson 20171014-Hairstyles

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson took the plunge an got a buzz cut for a role in the movie Sister.  No fancy stylist was needed here. Singer Sia (director of Sister) and Kate’s 6-year-old son Bingham did the honors.

Kristen Stewart Hairstyles
Kristen Stewart 20170520-Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart

OK. So Kristen Stewart changes her look so often and so boldly we can’t say we were shocked when she nearly shaved her head and died it platinum.  This look is one of the few that we think really works for her.

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Kristen Stewart Hairstyles Feature Collage
Kristen Stewart Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart Hairstyles

Cynthia Erivo - Slicked Back Hairstyle - 20161114
Cynthia Erivo - Shaved Head Hairstyle - 20180611

Cynthia Erivo

Actress and singer Cynthia Erivo ROCKS the blonde shaved head look.

In an interview with Essence Magazine, Cynthia defended her look from criticizers.

“Some people like it; some people hate it. I don’t care either way. I did it because I really wanted people to see my face. The thing about me and having dark hair is I felt like I was hiding and the white hair feels like a light bulb,” she told ESSENCE. “You can’t miss me. I just stopped being afraid of my face. My hair was really long and I just want to spend less time doing it and have you see my face. Never want to hide behind hair. It’s fun and easy to dress.”

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan-Red Hair Color Ideas
Rose McGowan 20160331-Hairstyles

In her Charmed Days, Rose McGowan always wore her hair very long and flowy.  This new cut shocked us all!

Demi Lovato 20170427-Hairstyles
Demi Lovato-Short and Edgy the Celebrity Undercut

Demi Lovato

It is no surprise that Demi Lovato took the clippers to one side of her head.  The singer has a new hairstyle or hair color every time we see her . . . each more radical than the last!

Karen Gillan - Hairstyles - 20180304
Karen Gillan - Shaved Head - 20130720

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan can now be counted among the serious actresses that have daringly shaved their heads for a role.  Gillan shaved her head to play the alien cyborg Nebula in Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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