What Was She Thinking?? Unforgettable Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

What Was She Thinking?? Unforgettable Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

They may inspire the nation to try new trends, but some just don’t make the cut.  Take a stroll back through time to revisit a few of the more unforgettable celebrity hairstyle flops.  You have to give them credit for being bold enough to try something new!

Melanie Griffith-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith had some great trendy haircuts back in the day.  This was not one of them!

Scarlett Johansson-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Scarlett Johansson

A shag haircut seems to come and go in fashion but the shag/mullet has never been hip.

Jenna Elfman-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman looks cute with curly hair but this poodle-ish look just misses the mark.

Jessica Alba-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba certainly was not looking her best in 2003 at Step Up Women’s Network Inaugural Inspiration Awards Luncheon.

Uma Thurman-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Uma Thurman

We’re sad to see one of our favorites, Uma Thurman, make the list.  We love the fact that she is a natural beauty and has come to terms with the fact that her natural, low maintenance hairstyle is likely not to change anytime soon.  But this look is just a mess.  It’s not as if she was caught off guard coming out of the market.  She is standing in front of the PR screen for photographers.

Mena Suvari-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Mena Suvari

This updo has to be one of the oddest hairstyles we’ve seen besides the fact that it ages Mena Suvari at Third Annual Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Natalie Maines-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Not sure what is up with this hairstyle that Natalie Maines opted to wear at the 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year.

Pixie Geldof-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Pixie Geldof’s hairstyle looks like a three-year who got a hold of some scissors at the “Hannah Montana: The Movie” UK Premiere.

Sharon Lawrence - Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Sharon Lawrence

This style ages the usually hip Sharon Lawrence at the 10th Annual Les Girls Cabaret.

Nicole Richie-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie didn’t take into consideration “hair color for skin tone” at the 2014 AOL Digital NewFronts Presentation.

Emilia Fox-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Emilia Fox

The style and color of the hairstyle in this photo, in combination with the choice of makeup have added years to Emilia Fox’s look.

Felicity Huffman-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Felicity Huffman

Not sure what happened to our usually hip and happening Felicity Huffman with this frumpy do’.

Jena Malone-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Jena Malone

This is strictly a hair color problem for us. Jena Malone looks so much better with darker hair.

Kate Beckinsale-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops

Kate Beckinsale

The usually sophisticated and put together Kate Beckinsale is almost unrecognizable with this wild hairstyle.

Jessica Biel-Celebrity Hairstyle Flops l www.sophisticatedallure.com

Jessica Biel

What the????

2011-Sandra Bullock Hairstyles l www.sophisticatedallure.com

Sandra Bullock

Bangs are cute . . . this hairstyle/wig is not!

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Sandra Bullock Hairstyles Collage

Sandra Bullock Hairstyles

Annette Bening 20110116-Hairstyles

Annette Bening

It’s hard to imagine that Annette Bening styled her hair this way on purpose!

Kaley Cuoco 20030228-Hairstyles

Kaley Cuoco

To her credit, Kaley Cuoco is not afraid to make dramatic changes to her look and often has a hairstyle that is copied by many.  Unfortunately, when you take risks, you sometimes fail.

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